Bridal Bouquets – Press, Preserve and Present

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Bridal Bouquets – Press, Preserve and Present

The bridal wedding bouquet. For many, the ultimate, personalized statement piece. A custom designed masterpiece that will figure prominently in your memory and preserved in photographs indefinitely. But when it comes to a fresh floral bouquet, how can it be saved or cherished for more than one day?

We’re happy to report that there are a plethora of options that will allow you to preserve your wedding bouquet for years. Because of the delicacy of fresh flowers, we recommend any preservation measures to be done either the day of the wedding or the morning after. Since many couples elect to travel to their honeymoon shortly after their nuptials, there are numerous companies that will come and pick up the wedding bouquet and preserve it on your behalf. Offering everything from the epoxy resin, freeze-drying or pressing the fresh flowers, creating heirlooms or shadow boxes and everything in-between – there are countless preservation services to choose from.

If you’re more of the DIY floral type, and will be able to tend to your blooms within 24 hours after your wedding, here are some additional options to consider:

Pressing your fresh flowers – either separately in a book (this works best for delicate stemmed flowers such as Queen Ann’s Lace or Lily of the Valley) or pressing the full bouquet to eventually showcase in a shadowbox.

Have your wedding flower bouquet professionally painted to adorn the walls of your home.

Preserving your wedding flowers – you can preserve your blooms by dipping them in wax, silica gel or glycerin. There are also options to encase your stems in epoxy resin and ultimately be shaped in the display of your choice.

Air drying – you can simply tie up your wedding bouquet and hang it upside down (dry, dark spaces are best suited to retain as much of the original scent and color as possible). If you choose to create something from your dried florals – such as a potpourri – we recommend consulting with your wedding florist as to which varieties would be best. For instance, roses can be dried and used for potpourri, but many others don’t have the genetic makeup that would retain their shape, as many will ultimately dry into a powder.

Create! We’ve seen a wide variety of beautiful pieces made from bridal bouquets. Some include: a shadow box, jewelry pieces, paper weights, holiday ornaments, candles, bouquet boxes, shadow boxes, potpourri, and even added to bath salts. As long as there is creativity, there are opportunities.

Furthermore, there are countless ‘how-to’ videos and tutorials online to help with whichever method you choose or if timing and budget permit, you can always procure the services of a company that specializes in whichever method you choose.

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