Eco Packaging — Wrap, Reuse and Recycle at Damselfly Global

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Eco Packaging — Wrap, Reuse and Recycle at Damselfly Global

Damselfly Global – and all of our brands – is committed to fostering a globally conscious mindset by implementing sustainable and eco-conscious practices wherever possible.

Our environmentally inspired packaging options are made of organic, natural, biodegradable, recycled and reusable materials. Reusable vases – made from recycled glass – are used for events and throughout all of our retail florist shops. All our flower arrangements are wrapped in brown craft paper and tied with all-natural twine, rather than ribbon. Brown craft paper was decided upon as it is made of 100% biomaterial that is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Recycling is implemented in all of our office locations and storefronts. When transporting fresh flowers from headquarters to our various shops, we take careful consideration in designing dynamic solutions to limit the use of plastics – in the seldom times when a waterproof alternative is impossible, we employ reusable materials.

We partake in meticulous planning and consideration when designing the mechanics for various arrangements and installations, and in doing so, have been able to significantly decrease the use of plastics and non-reusable items. We take great pride in creating clever solutions and a variety of apparatuses to support different style flower arrangements and therefore avoiding or drastically limiting the use of plastics and non-reusable items.

While we are actively committed to implementing eco practices, sustainability in the floral industry still presents many challenges and there are areas where solutions are still needed. For instance, we see obstacles first-hand with the delivery of some of our floral designs as certain packaging is required to ensure the fresh flowers are transported without damage from the farms to the receiver.

When it comes to hydrangeas, for example, they’re typically grown in Colombia and need to travel for roughly 72 hours after clearing customs in the United States. In order to ensure the flowers arrive safely – and in the freshest condition – the stems need to be wrapped with a small plastic ‘bag’ with water to keep the stems moist. The best way to visualize this process would be to picture the stem with straws and each straw that makes its way up to the bloom must maintain a certain amount of liquid, or else the flower will be compromised. The bloom itself is very sensitive to moisture and therefore is easily damaged when wrapped in recyclable cardboards and must be wrapped in materials that will protect the bloom. In this case, the pursuit of sustainable options is still being tried and tested but we are hopeful that our industry as a whole will continue the trajectory of implementing eco practices whenever and wherever possible.

We are committed to recycling (and composting whenever possible) at all of our Damselfly Flowers storefront locations, warehouse and corporate offices. We are continuously exploring ways to implement and boost our environmental efforts and remain eco-conscious through sustainable practices.

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