Fresh Flowers and Winter Weddings – Love at Frost Sight!

Damselfly Rye Winter Wedding

Fresh Flowers and Winter Weddings – Love at Frost Sight!

There’s no doubt that the majority of weddings take place in the spring, summer, and early fall. Naturally, it makes sense to host a wedding when the weather permits the opportunity to celebrate outdoors (at least, to some extent) but there are definitely advantages when considering a winter wedding.

First and foremost – especially for those who struggle with the heat – you won’t have to worry about your hair and makeup being compromised by humidity! For those of us who tend to become cranky (and sweaty and irritated and swollen) in the heat, this is the perfect solution – and ultimately less stressful when it comes to photos. Not to mention, a winter wedding is the absolute BEST time to add ‘black tie’ to the invitation. Black-tie and formal wedding attire is ideal for cold weather and indoor affairs, as they tend to require more layers and elaborate enhancements (think sequins, fur, layered tuxedos, floor length gowns, and more)

Another perk when celebrating in the cold is that you’ll find much better deals on venues. With many at capacity in the spring and summer months, you’ll be able to have more flexibility with availability as well as price points as the temperature starts to drop. This can also be said for a lot of wedding vendors as their official ‘wedding season’ will have started to calm before the first frost.

When it comes to décor, you’ll find a beautiful array of seasonal options that can truly enhance your floral design and floral display. There are ample ways to incorporate dark, rich colors – reminiscent of the season – without appearing too ‘holiday’. We absolutely love the simple yet timeless elegance of winter whites this time of year. You’ll also find that you have an unbelievable spectrum of evergreens to choose from – a vast array of different textures, colors and subtle scents that, believe it or not, create the most fragrant flower bouquets and flower arrangements.

In one of our recent micro-winter weddings, the bride carried a stunning wedding bouquet comprised of carolina sapphire evergreen, incense cedar, arbutus, gold tip cedar, burgundy peonies, hypericum, spray roses and brunia balls from South Africa. One thing that made this mixed flower bouquet so special is that the texture of the evergreen tips were so light and delicate – almost evocative of a butterfly’s wings.

Overall when we’re designing personal fresh flowers, our team of floral designers are very cognizant of any floral fragrances. For some clients, certain scents are welcomed and intended to be incorporated while others request flower arrangements with minimal to no aroma as to not conflict with their perfumes/colognes. When it comes to winter flower arrangements – especially those that include seasonal enhancements such as evergreen, cedar or fir – there is an unmistakable yet subtle scent that truly enhances the design aesthetic. In the case of the bridal wedding bouquet, we’ve had countless moments where the bride receives her bouquet and is taken by the warm, distinct fragrance of the cedar or fir. As the minutes go by, the scent tapers off, but the initial reaction is always a welcomed surprise.

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