Holiday Wreaths: Tips and Tricks for Festive Presentation

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Holiday Wreaths: Tips and Tricks for Festive Presentation

A festive wreath is one of the most iconic ways to indicate you’ve officially entered the start of the holiday season. Adorning doors, windows, walls, lamp posts, store fronts, and sidewalks galore, there’s no shortage of cheer (& cold weather) once they start to make their appearance.

When it comes to picking the perfect wreath for your business or home – whether from a local flower shop or nursery – there are a few key factors to take into consideration. First, it’s important to consider your backdrop. The size and color scheme of your wreath should be in proportion to whichever backdrop you ultimately choose. Any floral designer will note that you’ll also want to make sure there is a stark contrast, so your wreath stands out. This not only applies to the color of the décor but the evergreen itself, given there are so many varieties available.

If you’re choosing to decorate the wreath yourself, you’ll find it’s a rather simple feat! You’ll first need to fasten your hang point and then decide your focal point. The focal point will be your anchor – also known as your weight line – for the largest décor item on your wreath (a bow is most traditional in this regard). The bow can be attached to the top, along either side or centered on the bottom. Wherever you choose to start, you’ll want to decorate outward – essentially working ‘away’ from the most prominent object. For instance, if you choose to attach your bow to the top of the wreath, you should have décor cascading on either ‘shoulder’ of the wreath going down – the precise opposite if the bow is centered at the bottom.

Since most wreaths are viewed from a distance – generally from the street or sidewalk outside of a home – there should be great attention paid to the color contrast. This also gives you the opportunity to be a little bit exaggerated with your floral design, which is why you’ll find most wreaths have touches of gold, silver, bronze or other metallics because they’re often seen from a distance – and you want for them to stand out!

When it comes to wreath maintenance, the care is minimal as long as they’re kept cold! Evergreen thrives in cold climates and is designed to withstand the elements – but attention must be paid to your décor. If your wreath is on an exterior door, make sure you fasten your décor items to withstand any wind or inclement weather. It’s important to also choose items that are weatherproof – such as incorporating pinecones, cedars, and more that can endure a few weeks outside!

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