Long Lasting Blooms: Faux, Dried, Silk & Preserved

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Long Lasting Blooms: Faux, Dried, Silk & Preserved

There is no question that flower arrangements brighten up every space. Every room. Every nook, every cranny. Not to mention, the benefits of having fresh flowers in your home goes far beyond style and décor. Many studies have come to find that a floral design can not only help to clear toxins from the air, but it can relax your brain and boost your overall mood. Some studies even suggest that it can help you get a better night’s sleep. So why wouldn’t you fill your home with fresh flowers and plants?

Well, for some it may not be that simple. In some places, you may find that fresh flowers are harder to come by. You may live in a part of the world where the only option to have fresh florals in your home is by ordering online flowers. Or, by waiting for a special occasion to receive them as a gift since fresh flowers may be out of the budget, especially given the struggles this year has carried. Whatever the reason, Damselfly Designs wants you to know that there are alternatives (aside from growing your own garden) where you can reap the benefits of having flower arrangements throughout your home.

In the past, the moniker ‘silk flowers’ or ‘faux flowers’ has carried a pretty tacky and old stigma. We picture dusty old flowers whose phony petals could be spotted miles away. Well, we are here to put those fabric-cations to rest (see what we did there?). In today’s day and age, we have the ability to work with growers and companies worldwide to procure the finest products available. We have had countless weddings and corporate events where silk flowers were used throughout – the nature of their makeup only to be realized once touched. Incorporating silk or preserved flowers allows you to work within your budget – as they are typically a one-time purchase – and enjoy the beauty of flower bouquets for an extended period of time.

Does having silk or preserved flowers mean a care-free investment? Not necessarily. Like anything else, you want to ensure that longevity and quality is protected. But unlike fresh flowers, the upkeep is minimal in comparison. For instance, the best way to care for silk and preserved flowers is to use a blow dryer (on the cold setting) to remove any dust and give them a bit of a spruce.

With preserved flowers, we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight to prolong their lifespan. Preserved flowers should last about six months before they start to fade or dry out, – just be sure to take care of them and they will love you back! If you ever have any questions on where to start when it comes to faux, dried, silk, fresh or preserved flowers, you can always speak with a floral designer or visit any Damselfly Designs retail florist location. We have every size and style available!

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