Tips on Planning a ‘Micro-Wedding’ or ‘Mini-mony’ at Home

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Tips on Planning a ‘Micro-Wedding’ or ‘Mini-mony’ at Home

The impact of the COVID pandemic on the retail florist industry has been significant – as it has for just about every industry worldwide. We are putting forth our best efforts to help our fellow vendors, clients, colleagues, and staff as we all try to adapt to these challenging times – and we certainly feel those unified efforts reciprocated across our industry. We’re actively revising our strategy and adjusting our approach to not only cope, but to persevere.

Out of the ashes, we’ve found that many of our couples have elected to have ‘micro-weddings’ or ‘mini-monies’ in lieu of large-scale weddings – some of whom plan to host a larger celebration once it’s safe, while others have chosen to keep their wedding an intimate affair.
But where to begin? Here are some tips on how to plan your ‘micro-wedding’ or ‘mini-mony’ at home.

  1. Breathe: First and foremost, take a deep breath (we cannot stress this enough!) and write it out.
  2. Communicate: If your ‘micro-wedding’ or ‘mini-mony’ comes as a result of changing/rescaling your initial wedding plans, we recommend being open and transparent with your vendors. We’ve all been hit hard but we’re all very realistic – and human. Trust us when we say we’re not going to take any risks that could potentially compromise you or your guests (as well as our staff and fellow vendors). If you’re already in contract, discuss the options you may have available with your wedding florist, officiant, caterer, rental providers, photographers, and videographers to incorporate them in your celebration. You may also find that with lowering your guest count, you’re able to adjust your budget and splurge on personalized details – such as that edited video you didn’t think you’d be able to initially afford!
  3. Plan: If you’re starting from scratch, we first recommend reaching out to vendors to enhance your special day – especially wedding and event production planners. Many wedding and event production companies, like Damselfly Designs, specialize in full scale production so they can also assist with rentals, linens, a long list of vendor referrals, and practically every detail from big to small (including everything you may not have even thought of yet!)
  4. Prepare: Communicate with your guests. If you’re concerned about safety, especially when it comes to older attendees, we can almost guarantee your guests are equally if not more concerned. It’s normal – we’re living in unusual times – but it’s imperative to keep them apprised on all of your safety plans, especially on the days leading up to the event, so they have all of the information on hand. The less they need to reach out to you the more everyone can focus on the magic of the day.
  5. Set the ‘tune’: Don’t forget music! If you have it within your budget, hiring a trio of live musicians is sure to enhance your ceremony and cocktail hour. The option of creating and putting on a wedding playlist is also always a possibility – the beauty is that you’re able to prioritize the elements that matter most!
    Lighten up: Lighting can transform any space – turn any backyard into a ballroom or dining room into a dance floor.
  6. And please remember: As cliché as it sounds, the ‘micro’ moniker couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, we’ve found that the amount of love, care, and consideration for the safety of guests, personalized details and overall experiences have been amplified. Even if the scale of a wedding is downsized, it doesn’t mean a myriad of details and elements from the original wedding aesthetic can’t be incorporated – or enhanced.

Just as these unprecedented times have given us all an opportunity to step back, reflect, and focus on what’s really important, that mindset has been translated for many of our clients when it comes to reevaluating what their perfect day entails. And yes, while the prolonged pandemic may have paved the way for ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ affairs to remain center stage, oftentimes we find they somehow end up being greater and grander than ever before.

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