At Damselfly Global, we believe that it is not only our mission to provide the highest quality florals and design services, we also believe it is imperative to create an unforgettable experience. Whether it is transforming a space through imaginative design, or simply transforming a mindset with a surprise bouquet.

We believe in the emphasis and importance of a customer first service approach, a steadfast value that founds the very roots of our company. It is an honor to be part of our clients’ special moments and we acknowledge that just like flowers, every one of our customers, celebrations or occasions are unique – and we treat each as such.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with practiced individuals as well as budding talent – creating a supportive team environment where imagination has no bounds and we can exercise our expertise, cultivate passion, continuously learn and consistently thrive.

We believe in fostering creativity and demystifying the intimidation of flowers through education and experience. Above all, we take pride in every petal.